Why ABC?

Build Better with ABC Maine

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We are ABC Maine. We strive to be the best the construction industry has to offer. Our Board represents the diversity of our membership and works to provide the leadership and ideals of the merit shop philosophy.

Associated Builders and Contractors was founded on the core principles of the merit shop philosophy. So, what does that mean for you? It means that ABC is dedicated to helping all of our members develop people, win work, and deliver that work safely, ethically and profitably -- all for the betterment of our communities.

“What drew us to ABC in the mid 90’s was the fact we had similar values. We believe in the merit shop philosophy. We believe in free enterprise, open and fair competition.“ - Michael Bennett VP, The Cianbro Companies

Build Better by Building Your Network

Your membership provides opportunities to meet and collaborate with other leaders in the field. ABC offers networking events that allows members to do just that. Networking events are offered by each chapter to help spark collaboration. That’s why we truly mean that we can build better if we work together.

In 2016, ABC Maine hosted a wide variety of networking events, including two golf tournaments, two legislative meet ups, the annual STEP safety awards dinner, our prospective member reception and our “Meet the Developers” gathering, just to name a few.

“From networking events to fighting for the issues that affect our industry the most, the support we have received from ABC Maine has helped us achieve our goals and remain competitive, efficient and effective on the jobsite.” -Benjamin Guiliani President, Elite Drywall and Eastern Demolition & Concrete Cutting LLC

Build Better by Building Partnerships

ABC Maine Sponsored LePage Event

As builders and contractors, how can we, together, improve the merit shop climate?

ABC realizes that the best path forward is through sound, fair labor as well as business legislation and regulation that benefits all of our members.

ABC works tirelessly to make certain that our members voices are heard. Our team of professional lobbyists is putting the best interests first of all members at the local, state and federal level.

We are committed to looking after the needs of our members. ABC ensures that any labor or industry-related legislation put forward benefits the builders and contractors that we work with. Why? Because no other association knows the construction industry and protects you like ABC.

Build Better by Building Safer

It’s no secret. ABC sets the industry standard for jobsite safety. As a member, you have access to the latest safety information and assistance, including a complete safety training program and the latest resources to help your company remain OSHA compliant.

Improving and maintaining jobsite safety is at the top of everyone’s list. Keeping your workforce safe reduces accidents, eliminates OSHA fines and largely reduces worker compensation costs, which keeps your operation running smoothly, efficiently and, most importantly, safely.

Build Better by Building the Next Generation

Picture of ABC Maine Chairman Awarding Scholarship

Is your company ready for the changing workforce? ABC members are.

The time is now to train for the future. Through our partnership with the NCCER, ABC is committed to workforce safety and development. In fact, the NCCER craft training program covers over 17 trades, meaning our members are qualified and prepared to tackle any job.

ABC also prepares supervisors and managers to do their jobs efficiently and responsibly. We offer training classes in areas such as scheduling, project management and safety training. Just another way ABC is leading the way when it comes to workforce training and development.

Maine Craft Championships

We also host the annual Craft Championships as an outreach effort to inform Maine’s high school students that a career in construction is so much more than manual labor. With advancements in technology, students are exposed to the trades through a hands-on event, which ABC Maine also supports through scholarships.

Build Better by Expanding Business Opportunities

Becoming an ABC member opens up new doors and connects you to new business opportunities. One of the perks of membership, your company is automatically listed online at www.findcontractors.com, ABC’s searchable directory. The best part? Companies can be referred based on the type of services offered, by firm size, or by firm location to help connect the right customer to you.

We want to ensure that customers know they are working with a dedicated partner. That is why the Accredited Quality Contractor program was launched in 1993. The accreditation program publicly recognizes and honors those construction firms which have documented their commitment in five key areas:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Training
  • Community Relations
  • Employee Benefits

Build Better by Saving on Business Services

We know that the cost of doing business can really add up. That is why ABC is able to offer our extensive membership base discounts on some of the most competitive business services in the marketplace.

Get more done and save money with exclusive discounts from ABC’s business partners. We’ve teamed up with leading brands to pass the savings along to our members. Discounts include:

  • Cellular service discounts through Verizon
  • Vehicle discounts through Chrysler, General Motors and Ford fleet
  • Fuel discounts through ExxonMobil
  • Shipping discounts FedEx

From best-in-class safety programs to world-class networking opportunities to discounts with leading vendors, ABC has the solutions for merit-shop companies in Maine and nationwide.