Toolbox Talks
ABC has developed a series of individual talks that focus on safety at the jobsite.

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DCEF's mission is to provide and support opportunities construction education.

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Quarry Tour with Second Graders from Brown School in Portland, ME
at RJ Grondin in Gorham, ME.

July Newsletter

Government Affairs UpdateWithout muchfanfare on its last day, the 127th Maine Legislature finally completed its work and adjournedits first regular session...

June Newsletter

Government Affairs Update: Last month we reported June 17th was the statutory deadline for the legislature to complete its work and adjourn its first...

May Newsletter

Government Affairs update Even though there are bills yet to be printed, many still being worked thru the committee process and a large number remaining...

April Newsletter

ABC’s "move over" legislation (LD-371) was killed intentionally,and with our blessing, by its sponsor Senator Ron Collins in order to combine it with a...

March Newsletter

Included in this month’s March issue: Government Affairs Update Toolbox Talks Backing Problems Care for your back Hands Only CPR In the Workplace...